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Document Genetics was formed by an IT manager in 1999 and are a document management company providing a toolkit that focus on improving document automation, workflow and collaboration.

Simply put, we efficiently turn documents into data and data into documents, and in almost all cases without the need for ANY changes to their business systems.

We see our support role as a long term partnership and we’re keen to transfer our knowledge and skills – the more familiarity you have with our solutions, the more you’ll use them and the greater the benefit to your business.

We really do go the extra mile to help our customers and always try to view issues from a customer’s perspective – see our customer references. 

 Our toolkit are best-of-breed technology and better still, 80% of our solutions pay for themselves inside 6 months.





Our Business Automation Software lets you process transactions more rapidly, store and share important company information efficiently and electronically deliver documents to your customers or business partners.

Document Genetics can get your employees back to work, adding value to the business, not shuffling paper.

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At Document Genetics, we have helped countless businesses of all sizes to automate their document management processes - this cuts costs, improves customer service, increases data security and delivers many other tangible benefits.

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