Formate eVo Enterprise Output Management Software

Successful companies engage their customers with interesting documents containing relevant information.

Formate overview

Enterprise output management software is a technology which allows an organisation to efficiently design and deliver documents, data or reports from their back end business systems. Most ERP systems have constraints on the design and final delivery of documents - this type of solution allows the flexibility to deliver relevant customised messages, at the right time and via the preferred Channel!

Deliver Backoffice / ERP Documents anywhere, anytime

Formate eVo takes data from a host system, from Sage to SAP, typically as a print file (or XML, PDF, CSV, ASCII text) and transforms it into the document you want to send and delivers it by the most appropriate method.

For example, an invoice may contain marketing information depending on the recipient (e.g. special offers relevant to certain types of customer), then depending on the customer it will be printed, faxed, emailed or published to a secure web portal.

The emailed document can be delivered in formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, XML, Tiff, CSV, EDI or Text.

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