Supplier Invoice Processing and Approval

Most companies run a pretty tight ship. A typical manufacturing company may have streamlined its staffing costs, reduced the administration overhead, installed, setup manufacturing partners and perhaps started selling products and services over the web.

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But, walk into any company, large or small, and you'll still find an accounts team processing paper invoices. Ok, some large organisations have invested heavily in e-Business initiatives, Document management software  or perhaps even EDI; but when you dig a little deeper there are still paper invoices being printed, edited and scanned every day.

We all understand that manually processing paper invoices is time-consuming and expensive (typically costs in the range of £3 to £5), but we deal with it every day.

So, if your business is manually processing invoices, read on or click here to for pricing & ROI (return-on-investment) information.


4 stage process to streamline the processing of purchase invoices. 


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Crafting the Perfect Invoice

This whitepaper considers the true
cost to deliver a business to business
(B2B) invoice and proposes a flexible
and innovative method (based around
the Pareto principle or 80/20 law) to
deliver invoices instantly, cost
effectively and with complete visibility.

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SPAR Distributor makes fruitful savings in excess of £50,000

“Document Genetics had an off the shelf solution which meant we got what we needed quickly and with a rapid ROI." Tony Gummow, Financial Director

Savings came from paper, staffing and business process improvements.

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Invoices Creeping Through the Backdoors

Visit any company and you'll still find an accounts team handling paper invoices. Some businesses have invested in e-Business initiatives, software and electronic portals; but when you dig a little deeper there are still paper invoices creeping in through the backdoor.

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The Great Invoice Scanning Myth

After 25 years of working within this industry I have seen many challenges faced by businesses. Throughout this time a consistent challenge faced by companies surrounds the processing of invoices and I’d like to share some of my thoughts on this issue.

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