Technical  Specification - eVo comprises of Components, Processes & Modules


The Formate eVo suite of software is comprised of two key Formate eVo Components, these being:evo-circle-w-Fins

Formate eVo Configurator (Design Dashboard) - the design/development tool used to create your Enterprise Output Management application and, unlike many other competitors, can be installed on multiple PC workstations Free of Charge.

Formate eVo Server - runs as an automated process executing the applications created by Formate eVo Configurator.

Formate eVo can be purchased in the “SOHO” or “Enterprise” package depending on facilities required.

Formate eVo Enterprise contains all processes and all modules, whereas Formate eVo SOHO does not come with the design feature (Configurator design dasboard tool).


There are four Formate eVo processes that control the document lifecycle from composition through to distribution.

Click on either Collect, Design, Distribute & Manage or the images below for detail on each of the processes:

F CollectF DesignF DistributeF Manage 


Formate eVo SOHO

Advanced Print Formatting

HTML Creation

Fax Interface*

Reprint Facility

Formate eVo Enterprise - as above plus

Adobe PDF Engine and Email facility

Microsoft Word Interface

Microsoft Excel Interface

Bar code

XML Parser

Alchemy interface

PDF editing

Batch printing

*To fax from Formate eVo, users require a OpenText license, which is not included.